17-year-old Zaidyn Mitchell thinks being known as a book nerd makes him weird enough—until he wakes up on his bedroom ceiling the first morning of his senior year. 

He’s entered one of his beloved fantasy stories, where he’s the main character in a cast of magical creatures hidden in plain sight. A newbie-weird-wizard-extraordinaire—Zaidyn must navigate his newfound identity, learn to fit in with his fellow freaks, and avoid scaring away Piper Duke, the girl of his dreams. 

While learning to control his magic builds his confidence, deciding to help Piper with her school-wide recycling project gives him hope that maybe she’ll find his nerdiness endearing. Thinking to impress her, he agrees to help Piper’s father promote a project for a new library in a fairy tale-like wooded area outside of town.

But every good story has conflict. Those in control of the magical community set the law for all and the rules are simple: avoid discovery and keep to your own kind. Despite warnings from friends and foes, Zaidyn pursues a relationship with the normal human Piper, earning them both the ire—and retaliation—of the ones in charge. 

Things go from bad to shitstorm when Project-Impress-Piper-With-a-Library backfires. Piper strives to protect the wooded land from an anonymous financial backer who, for mysterious reasons, insists on using the location. 

 Caught in the middle, Zaidyn tries to find answers, but his investigation only brings more questions: Who really owns the woods? Why is someone so bent on destroying them? And what are his parents and the other magical adults hiding there?

As he grows closer to the answers—and to Piper—the outside pressure mounts, building toward a conclusion that makes Zaidyn wonder if they will ever truly be…

 …out of the woods. 


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