Writing a book is a lot like giving birth. Not to a child but to a little piece of your soul. After hours, weeks, and months of labor, the book is finished and sent out into the world for judgement. Why do I do it? To make money? No. To gain fame? No.  To prove to myself that I can? Maybe a little. Mostly, I write because I love it, and I have stories I want to share with people who like to read them. That's it, and though I can't speak for other authors, I'd bet my pinky toe they feel the same. (I don't need it to write anyway.) So if my stories aren't your thing, go find the ones that are because  they're waiting for you. Read on, my friends!


Hair is big, styles are bitchin, and Molly Mason must run for her life. Her plan is simple—race fast enough to get a cross country scholarship and get out of her craptastic little town, even if it means leaving her hot and cold boyfriend, Trevor, behind. Hayden Bishop has a different idea; convince Molly, his best friend’s girlfriend, that he can treat her better.


When Trevor dumps Molly, the game begins. Breaking the sacred bro code, Hayden tries to win her over. Soon he and Molly find themselves entangled in a relationship with more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube. Trevor won’t go down without a fight. Friends interfere. Lies are told. Molly’s scholarship is put in jeopardy, and Hayden’s chance to prove himself is slipping away.

Finding the truth may be harder than keeping Gremlins out of the kitchen at midnight but find it they must or be forever stuck in an endless loop of Jessie’s Girl.




It’s 1986 and high school seniors Mike Ryan and Cindy Wilson have a secret totally bigger than Who Shot J.R.—their hidden relationship. According to her mama, Cindy can’t date until she’s out of college or one hundred, whichever comes first. Mike longs for an end to the secrecy and thinks everyone will accept them. Really, they’re in love, how hard can it be?

But to Cindy, family is everything. She’ll do anything to protect her ailing father from the stress caused by the prejudice toward her interracial relationship with Mike. Afraid of losing Mike, Cindy compromises and agrees to reveal their relationship at school. The resulting negative reactions from some of their peers only add to the strain.

Things turn frenzied quicker than Gremlins in the kitchen after midnight. Social tension, jealousy, and rumors of an unwanted pregnancy threaten to destroy everything. Even Mike’s mother voices concern that he isn’t ready for the stress of dating a girl like Cindy. And one terrible confrontation between Mike and Cindy’s twin brother triggers her greatest fear—her father’s illness turns critical.

They struggle to overcome the barriers erected by their families and peers. Desperate to convince everyone he’s right for her, Mike makes an act of supreme sacrifice that could save their relationship, and a life. But it just might cost him his own

Coming in October from Pelican Publishing Co.
The teacher opens a window and Katie Comma is blown from her book! She dodges the curious children, diving into their books to hide. But the sentences aren't afraid to tell her she's in the wrong place. Alone and scared, Katie perseveres, determined to find the place where a lost comma belongs.
(A short story collection)
Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel: stories time-honored and beloved by all… But what would happen if the characters switched roles, or the villains were far more cunning? What if the story was in space, or in the modern century? Or what if the wicked witch wasn’t as evil as she seemed?

Enter and delve into the twisted versions of classic fairy tales, rediscovering the magic of timeless stories from brand new perspectives and fresh new takes. The Aeon Writers Group is proud to present Twisted Fairy Tales, a collection of original works that take classic fairy tale stories and make you fall in love with them all over again. 


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