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Cover for Breaking the Bro Code



Seventeen-year-old Molly Mason runs for her life—literally. Her plans include racing her heart out for a cross country scholarship to get out of her craptastic little town, even if it means leaving behind her hot and cold boyfriend, Trevor.

Hayden Bishop, Trevor’s best friend, has a secret: He’s head over heels in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. When Trevor dumps Molly, Hayden decides to break the sacred bro code and shoot his shot. Soon, he and Molly find themselves entangled in a relationship with more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube.

As the finish line to their senior year is in sight, the obstacles mount. Trevor strikes back at Hayden by placing doubt in the new relationship, Molly’s scholarship is put in jeopardy, Hayden’s chance to prove himself is slipping away, and someone gets arrested…

They’re struggling to finish together, but Molly and Hayden know the hardest part of a race is somebody always has to lose.

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Cover for Breaking the Bro Code audiobook.
Cover for Breaking the Barriers



They have a secret.

No one in Elkwood High School’s class of 1986 knows that seniors Mike Ryan and Cindy Wilson are dating, except for their best friends, Hayden and Molly. According to her mama, Cindy can’t date until her one-hundredth birthday or she graduates college, whichever comes first.


On the other hand, Mike longs to shout his love from the rooftops. They’re in love. How hard can it be? But to Cindy, family is everything. With her ailing father at home, she’ll do anything to protect him from the potential stress caused by the prejudice toward her interracial relationship. Afraid of losing Mike though, she’ll compromise to make him happy…

Their newly revealed relationship becomes more frenzied than Gremlins in the kitchen after midnight. Social tensions, jealousy, and rumors of an unwanted pregnancy threaten to destroy everything. When Cindy’s twin brother's confrontation with Mike gets physical, Cindy’s greatest fear becomes a reality—her father’s illness turns critical. And she feels that it’s all her fault.

Struggling to overcome barriers erected by their families and peers and prove he’s the right guy for her, Mike desperately performs an act of supreme sacrifice that could save their relationship—but it might just cost him his life.

Cover for Breaking the Cycle



Andrea Jones has one life goal—to NOT be like her mom. She won’t be knocked up at eighteen, in a dead-end job, and living in a trailer park forever. She’s not a fan of school but in 1987, going to college is the only path out of her dysfunctional world and nothing will stop her. Not even a chance at a full scholarship to her boss’s old beauty school—a job she’d totally rock but one that’s too close for comfort.

Then along comes Gio Ruiz. Suave, confident, and sure of his future, he sends Andrea’s plans into a tailspin—along with her heart. He seeks trade school and a simpler life, dangerously close to what she is trying to avoid. Still, his no-nonsense attitude toward the merits of college makes her question if it’s even what she really wants.

Their relationship flourishes until their opposite worlds collide. His private school peers create doubt while her public school enemies drag her past into the present, forcing her to confront her biggest fears and jeopardizing her plans for her future.

…An overdose.

…An unintended pregnancy.

…And one potentially deadly choice.

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