Asher Jacob’s life is almost perfect—at least from the outside. He has divorced parents who buy his love, a party-happy best friend, and plenty of girls to feed his ego. But what Asher wants most is his ex-girlfriend and childhood love, Grace King, a straight-laced preacher’s daughter who refuses to compromise her morals.

Unable to have her, he clings to his vices until the Angel of Death comes knocking—in the form of a teenaged girl named Kali. Through her, Asher is given a glimpse of his fatal future. But far more devastating is the revelation that Grace also has a date with death, a date only he can interrupt—if he lives long enough to prevent it.

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A Sample from
Flirting With Death's Grace

I hung, waiting for the rock I clutched to pull away from the soft soil and send me plummeting to the bottom. Instead of screaming in fear, I laughed. Kali had told me we should have met at the bottom of the quarry, and I’d even reminded myself of the possibility before I came here. Maybe it was inevitable. I pictured Kali’s beautiful face. Seeing her Hollywood smile when she greeted me might be worth the pain of death. Then new visions filled my mind. Grace laughing on the playground at recess as I spun her on the merry-go-round. Grace chasing me through the woods behind our house, letting her catch me so she could tickle me and I could feel her touch. And Grace hugging me after I told her about my parents’ divorce, her arms tight around my waist, head on my chest as she cried with me. The thought of dying left me as cold as the stone I clung to. But the visions filled me with a burning heat, heat I wanted to feel and taste before I died. Movement from above sent a shower of pebbles bouncing off my head and face. I closed my eyes until they stopped and looked up again—into Kali’s dark eyes. “Hey, Asher.” Relief flooded me. “Thank God. Please help me out of here.” “Sorry.” She shook her head. “That’s not why I’m here.”