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Wow! What a great fast read! If you're looking for a fun story with lots of action, this is it!

Case is a woman who knows she's freakily different but still has a sense of humor about it. Her unusual powers to literally shake the world around result in a dysfunctional relationship with her estranged mother, a slew of foster homes, and eventually a job working at an underground haunt for the supernatural world... only she doesn't know it yet.

Her co-worker Ash is not your typical swoon worthy love interest. He's filled with quirks and imperfections that make him fell real (and okay, maybe a tad swoon worthy!) Together they make a great team from the start, but none of that insta-love stuff, just good old fashioned boy-meets-girl attraction that could lead to something bigger down the road. Though there are a few good kisses in there!

There's a host of side characters each with their own backstories that will make for some interesting upcoming installments so I can't wait for those! (Ahem... Max!)

The villains are villany and the plot is tight and I really enjoyed this book. Being a sucker for romance, I would have liked a little more heat from the couple, but that wasn't the focus of the story so that's just a me-thing. If you're looking for that factor though, don't be disappointed when you don't get it.

Overall I would highly recommend if you are looking for a fun series with quirky supernatural characters with more unique personalities and abilities who really know how to throw a good punch.

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