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Coronavirus Times: Top 10 Things that Disturb Me

Top 10 things I find disturbing in these current times: (In no particular order.)

  1. The greed and frenzy associated with buying unnecessary amounts of paper products. Did we all forget about the environmental crisis?

  2. The dismissal of the seriousness of the situation by friends, family, and people in leadership roles.

  3. The attack on media for covering the news.

  4. The LACK of covering the news on a certain network.

  5. The blame game going on from both sides of the political wall that has been built in our country over the last 3 1/2 years.(or maybe longer) Germs are germs. They do what they do. Nobody started it on purpose and it will spread as it likes. Let's just deal with it now and protect those we can. Don't use the lives and deaths of Americans for political gain.

  6. The reaction of parents to the school closures and their lamenting of how will they teach their child? Parents are a child's MOST IMPORTANT teacher. They learn more from parents than they will at school. Pick up a book and read to them, talk to them, play with them, and if they are older children, middle school or teens, THE SAME RULES APPLY! Do what you can with algebra or English, but don't freak out. School will be back in session and the teachers will continue to teach. But take advantage of the time you are given and use it to let your child know how much you love them. Hell, they need to know that you like them, too.

  7. The misconception that it is okay to target a person with racial slurs and shunning simply because their ethnic background happens to match one of the countries most affected by this virus, even when that person has never been to the country. Racism of any form is wrong and has no place in modern society.

  8. The people who will argue about #7.

  9. The blatant greed from our administration in refusing test kits from another country in order to wait for a company here to make them. A company in which the man sitting in the white house owns stock.

  10. The fact that people are seriously concerned with what they will do with their time now that they're forced to stay home. Read a book or two. Take a walk. Clean out a closet. Look at old photographs. Call a friend. Use the extra time you are given to do something special for someone or to simply breathe. Our lives have become a non-stop race for the next-best-thing or the chance to one-up those around us. Here's your opportunity to take a step back and reflect on your purpose, your goals. And if reflection is a scary thing, maybe it means you NEED it. We often run away from the truths that scare us because they are too close for comfort.

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