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Review: Ghost Academy by E.C. Farrell

Can I be a ghost? That's how I feel after reading this book. Farrell does such a fabulous job of creating a world in between life a death that the reader can't help but want to join it.

Billie is dead and can't remember a thing about it or her life. She finds herself at (of all places) a school for the dead. Their main assignment is to discover and complete their unfinished business--and not let their remains get burned by the Xers in the process. Getting burned turns them into a screaming tornado-like poltergeist that sucks up other ghosts in their path. Billie's problem? she has no idea where her body is. Enter Rafe, a fox shifter (excuse me while I pant for a second!) He's dead, too, but at least he finds his remains. He and Billie have a chemistry that sparks from the start. Their quirky voices, their identical curiosity and mischievous natures, and their growing attraction keeps things interesting! They work together to discover their unfinished business and to solve the growing mystery of the Xers and their connections to the school.

Farrell has well developed characters, a solid plot that keeps you guessing, and lots of good old fashioned teenaged angst and sexual tension, all wrapped up in a setting that is realistic, despite being filled with ghosts. If you've ever wondered what happened to your favorite characters who met unfortunate deaths, this is it. I highly recommend! Can't wait for book two! #TEAMRAFE forever!

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